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Nicolas Funke — Full-stack JavaScript developer (React, Node, Vue, 10+ years experience) - Remote only


I welcome you, dear visitor, into this bare but nevertheless interesting page, which is a personnal tribute to the HTML of my youth.

Here you won't find any Google Fonts or jQuery. Even less of NodeJs, PHP or Jekyll. This page is the quintessence of the Internet : an HTML page just as we like.

And yes, this website is a troll to all of the templates I have used in my life

Who is he?

My name is Nicolas Funke, French-German-Basque (with some love for delicious pilsners), born developer, during the unforgettable year of 1987 : World population is estimated to have reached five billion people, President Ronald Reagan challenges Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. The Golden Gate Bridge celebrate its 50 years. And if you are into wine you should know that 1987 is a pretty average and uninteresting year.

Born in Biarritz, I moved quite a lot during and after my studies (you can see the timeline on my LinkedIn profile), to settle in San Francisco in 2013! The city of the gold rush where the Beat Generation was born. Known for her famous Alcatraz prison who hosted Al Capone and Frank Morris and more recently for the insanely expensive rent prices. During the COVID pandemic I moved to Maui and I never left.
I'm also fond of music and a producer and DJ speaking French, German, Spanish and English fluently.

What can he do?

In my life as a freelance developer, I mostly work with almost everything that relates to Javascript (apparently it's freaking hot nowadays!) and every project that I share my values with:

You should know too that I exclusively work on remote mission, even though I'm not savage enough to refuse real life (billed) meetings.

Let's work together ?

You can find me through the following links:

Just so you know what kind of work I do

Type Customer Description
Web App dv01 Since August 2023 — Working on dv01 - a Scala/React centralized platform that bridges lenders and capital markets.
Web App Impact Atlas Since 2015 to 2023 — Working on a NodeJS/Express real-time intelligence platform that powers human outcomes and funding for development. — I also worked on the brochure website (Jekyll)
E-commerce Léon & George 2019 to 2023 — Developing APIs and new frontend + backend features on this e-commerce platform built on NodeJS/PostgreSQL & VueJS.
Single Page App Genderous Name April 25, 2023 - Created a quick web app to try out some machine learning concepts with sci-kit learn in HTML / JavaScript / Python
Tree Construction Tree Construction 2018 - Using sustainable building techniques and Passive House standards, this company builds beautiful homes. Website built on the JAMStack with Netlify CMS
Single Page App (React) Fromage de Saison November 2018 — Season calendar for cheeses (in French)
Camp Let It Go Camp Let It Go Informative website about my burning man camp
Website Ultra Poverty developed a research and communication website built with a static website generator (Jekyll) and a headless CMS (Contentful). Presenting research material on where to focus to efficiently fight ultra poverty.
Website Barefoot College developed the website (PHP & Wordpress) for this non-profit doing amazing work, (which also trains grandmothers to become solar engineers to electrify their villages). Short video presenting the work here.
Website Aspiranet developed a marketing website built with a static website generator (Jekyll) and a headless CMS (Contentful). Focusing on foster care in California.

That's all for now! You can now go back to a sane activity....